Social Media Management – Why Do You Need this Service?

Are you looking for social media management experts in Birmingham and other parts of UK? Social media plays a crucial role in shaping your brand and reaching target audience. Managing your social media presence can help to improve brand visibility, increase traffic to your website and build your business moving forward. At Proactive Click, social media management is one of the many services we offer at reasonable rates. Contact us for more info.


The significance of social media

Opening accounts randomly on social media websites isn’t the answer. It boils down to managing your social media interactions properly, and that is what we specialise in, to get desired results. This medium has grown in leaps and bounds over the years with thousands joining in everyday. It is an advertising solution to help you reach your audience with ease, wherever they are in the world. Networking can be a valuable part to any business and forging long term relationships with other companies can help build your customer base and enjoy increased revenue. In a nutshell, we help to create social media accounts, do a bit of re-branding by citing useful info, uploading suitable pictures, scheduling posts, conducting polls, creating contests to engage users and giving away prizes, and so on.


What we can do for you

Evaluate web presence

We go over your website, blog, traffic solutions and existing social media presence with a tooth-comb – to be precise, it is a social media audit and helps us determine the best approach from here on.

Go through different platforms

Having an online presence on just 1 or 2 platforms can be detrimental to your business. You should maximise your exposure by creating lucrative accounts in those platforms that work best for you. We will choose the right social media platforms that have enormous potential for expanding your exposure.

Create accounts and manage profiles
As mentioned, a social media management expert creates accounts and profiles, which are monitored by them. The objective is to craft a strong online existence that matches your business’s practices and ethics. Content creation, audience building, and reputation management across social media is our responsibility. We prevent spam and useless information cluttering your profile, while structuring it professionally with proper profile and cover pictures.

Monitoring status updates
Our work isn’t over – it is vital to keep social media accounts active, so audience interest doesn’t plummet. Regular status updates in the form of contests, polls, photos, videos, information, and other content relevant to your business is a must. We will post them for you!

Social media management is not an option anymore – it is time you join the virtual world and unlock its hidden potential. Please get in touch with us via phone or email.