SEO Services for Birmingham & the whole UK

Proactive Click Ltd is a digital marketing agency that works to offer SEO Services throughout Birmingham and the United Kingdom, that are catered to the specific needs of your business with the aim of increasing your visibility in local and national searches.

Experts in SEO for small & medium businesses, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results. SEO is important for businesses that focus on B2B strategies, giving your business higher visibility amongst searches online and allowing you to target your marketing to the right audience, an audience who will find it easy to find you.

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Why choose our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation is a tool that every small or medium business in Birmingham or the whole UK utilizing online services should be aware of. Using keywords and targeted links, it uses the algorithms of major search engines such as Google to raise the ranking of your website among national search results, prioritizing your website over similar pages. The advantage of which is attracting as many new visitors to your site as possible and making it their first choice.

Which businesses should use our SEO services??

Manufacturing companies or small businesses with a focus on local service benefit greatly from using our affordable SEO services. If your business is in a permanent location requiring customers and clients to come to you, it will greatly improve visibility and facilitate the means to contact or find you. This also allows reviews and of your business to be posted online by customers and clients, streamlining your marketing as feedback is offered to you directly and publicly.



SEO is free as organic traffic finds your website via it’s visibility on search engines like Google. Organic results appear in the middle of the google results page, below the PPC results. How high on the list your result is depends on how optimized your website is.

PPC is a paid for service which allows you to pay for each click. These reach the top of result but there are a number of factors are present for the exact position of the ad such as, keywords you target, keywords in your copy, and keywords on your landing page. Expertise is essential, as competition is extremely high.

Some of our SEO Services

Keyword Research

Keywords are essential for SEO and are used in two ways in the internet, the first is on search engines as search terms and the second is as a way to identify website content

Competition Analysis

This refers to the assessment of strengths and weaknesses of a particular competitor. Doing is enables you to device key strategic defences against the competition

Content Marketing

This is writing with the purpose to persuading the customer to buy our product or service or align them to the beliefs of the website. Our agency has a dedicated team that will write original content that is specific to each of our clients. We ensure all content we write will be highly searchable by engines such as google

Link Building

This describes the actions taken to increase the number of quality links inbound to your webpage. Links will give your company the edge when google lists you on the results page

Local or National SEO?

Local SEO

Ideal for smaller manufacturers or a business with a concrete location in a city or region. Choosing a local SEO campaign means your chances of appearing higher on the results page increases for that area. This boosts exposure to local users who are actively seeking those services in your area

National SEO

For manufacturers and small businesses that operate on a national scale, choosing a national SEO option will increase your chances of being found by customers looking for your particular product or service in the UK. After we have conducted our competitor analysis, we will be able to determine how searchable your business is on a national level