Do you need a certified SEO Consultant in Birmingham?

Are you looking for a SEO consultant in Birmingham? If you randomly search online you will come across lots of free information and SEO tools – it makes you ponder whether you actually need a certified SEO consultant. Here is the issue – yes, you could probably manage some of the basics, but to implement proper SEO techniques and generate desired results, you require the services of an expert. This is where Proactive Click steps in – we are certified SEO consultants operating in Birmingham and other parts of UK too. Get in touch today.


How are we different as SEO consultants?

Numerous companies trick you by showing how you appear on top positions but for keywords that no one searches – it is equivalent to being non-existent on the web. It is necessary to target the right keywords that users search, and that are relevant to your business. We will ensure you can rank for all keywords chosen – top quality software is used such as Google Keyword Explorer, Google Suggest, Keywordtool and many others.

Good SEO is a long-term endeavour

With competition increasing at an alarming rate, it is extremely tough to get any website among the top results of a search engine like Google. SEO involves a series of long-term strategies – loads of effort is needed that can’t be done by one person. While some tasks such as submitting your site to search engines can be done relatively quickly, there are others that are time consuming. For instance, you have to build lucrative back-links, establish a reputation through blogs, social media and other tools, monitor your competition, devote time to keyword research, and then use metrics to analyse your success and tweak strategies accordingly.


What happens when SEO is done badly?

In case the job is done poorly, your site will not receive a good ranking in Google so you lose several customers who might opt for products or services offered by your competition. If SEO is done unethically that somehow violates Google’s guidelines, your site could be blacklisted from all search engines. That is why you need a certified SEO expert to ensure that optimisation is being done correctly and benefiting your business at the same time.

What we do?

At Proactive Click, we begin by jotting down the end goal and finding out if you wish to establish a local, national, or global presence (or all three). We conduct thorough keyword research to find out popular keywords and how we can push up your website rankings corresponding to those. It involves studying the competition with a tooth-comb as well. This is important our team of SEO consultants will devise a strategy based on your requirements. We follow the client throughout the year. But you need to be patient as results will take time from 40 days to 3 months. If you wish to speed up results, you might need backup strategies like PPC.

To know more please get in touch with a SEO consultant in Birmingham.