Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Management

Pay per Click ( PPC) management is just one of our many services. As Digital & SEO Agency we largely concentrate on organic SEO, however PPC can be effective depending on your type of business. We are based in Birmingham and we operate all over the West Midlands.

Pay per Click as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to get visitors when you are in need of traffic quickly. Proactive Click Ltd has a team of experts that can guide you through the gains and pitfalls and can provide a management service that ensures you get the best from PPC. If you are interested in PPC and would like to hear quotes, then please contact us today via email.


What are the advantages of PPC Management?

PPC is useful for generating traffic straight away. In a campaign, simply, if you spend enough to get top placement, customers will see you first when looking for your services or product. The main advantages are: 
  • Traffic: Traffic is generated quickly; 
  • Keywords: Well chosen keywords on which you bid will get you clicks the moment the ad is online; 
  • Time: PPC is nimble, meaning you can adjust most pay per click campaigns within hours or days

What are the disadvantages of PPC Management?

If not attempted in an informed and measured manner PPC can end up costing a lot of money. Our services and management will always ensure that your campaign is handled professionally and in a way that is only to your benefit, never letting cost outweigh the potential return. The main disadvantages are:
  • Restricted Keywords: Inflation of prices for particularly popular keywords can increase dramatically when ego-based bidding takes place and by thesearch engines themselves who sometimes place quality restrictions on popular keyword choices;
  • Junk Traffic: Junk traffic can be an issue, meaning that your result will be seen on other less well-trusted search engines meaning you can generate traffic from spam clicks. In order to properly manage your return Proactive Click will carefully manage your campaigns to ensure undesirable traffic is kept to a minimum;
  • Cost: Your cost per click will always stay constant meaning the more clicks you get the more your costs increase. This is against SEO where a fixed amount of money is invested and the more clicks generated decreases the cost per click.

Start improving your business today

As you have seen, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of service. As a professional marketing management consultants we ensure that we will seek the best results for your company and only provide the right solutions for you. Contact us for more information.