PPC Account Audits are Imperative

Is your PPC campaign not generating desired results despite funnelling lots of money into it? This means you need to conduct a thorough PPC account audit – this is a process that every digital advertiser must personally master and perform on a regular basis. At Proactive Click, we offer PPC account audit services in Birmingham and other parts of UK.


Are your ads working properly?

Firstly, AdWords is a really tricky domain with frequent changes and updates. You need to be aware of those and modify campaigns accordingly. Audits are a chance for you to revisit the elements of your campaigns that you wrongly assume should work. Are your conversions still tracking properly? Have URLs on your site changed but your ads still direct searchers to the old one? Has landing page content changed or completely redirected to something else? Unnoticed changes spell disaster and turn into low quality scores. It also happens that your conversion rate shows a whopping improvement, but unbeknownst to you, the conversion goal was improperly set up all along!


What are PPC account audits?

Don’t take PPC account audits lightly – they should be conducted as often as possible to prevent you from making mistakes that end up wasting time, money, and effort, with a big zero in terms of results. Take a look:

Time to evaluate how you stack up to the competition! For instance, does your bidding comply with your strategy – to be competitive, cost-effective, targeted or optimized for other needs? It is crucial to design strategy first before proceeding.

With thousands of users joining the mobile universe, it is vital to ensure that PPC ads are optimized for mobile display and deliver, while being customized for device targeting purposes.

Retargeting plays an integral role here as this is a chance to regain customers who haven’t shown much interest. We measure the effectiveness of your ad placements and targeting.

Are you using every ad management feature that you should to get the most out of your ad budget? As mentioned before, there are changes to Google AdWords every month, and we keep on top of them.

Tracking ROI is easier said than done. It is imperative to check if you can report on ROI in a hassle-free manner, while tracking paid ads all the way through to conversion.

The need for CRO

Without successful conversion rates, your business will soon cease to exist and that is where CRO or conversion rate optimization is required. It helps to increase the amount of visitors that convert into a customer. CRO is fundamental to learning what works for your audience and is the key to growing revenue in all aspects of your business. CRO is not to be confused with SEO – it involves changing elements of your website to make it more engaging. It includes, but isn’t limited to landing pages, images, words and processes used on your site, or simply taking away elements that may be hurting your page goal. The objective is to increase conversion rates rather than aimlessly boosting traffic. To know more about PPC audits, kindly get in touch with our agency in Birmingham soon.