SEO & Marketing

Your company website might be up and running but your work doesn’t end there because it is imperative to ensure that the site continues to function optimally for visitors (at all times). If your pages take forever to load or the site keeps crashing, it won’t take long for the traffic to dwindle.

However, you can improve the website using a bunch of free online tools such as:

  • Seooptimer

Conduct a thorough SEO audit via Seooptimer as it evaluates and analyzes your current SEO strategy. Utilize it to improve on page SEO, test subpages, get free SEO tips and much more. A report is generated so you can refer to it while improving your site. Just click here!

  • Google Trends

This is the historical archive compiled by Google consisting of search volume of particular keywords. It keeps you updated regarding trends and seasonality of keywords, so you can compare different terms for content & SEO. For more info, simply click here.

  • Google Keyword Planner

A very useful and lucrative tool for researching keywords while setting up phrases or terms to target for SEO purposes or bidding on for PPC campaigns. Here goes!


  • MailChimp

Send out emails to your clients informing them of latest offers, new products/services, discounts, and so on. MailChimp provides excellent service as an email marketing provider and is totally free of cost up t0 2000 subscribers. Try it!


  • Canva

Do you want to design a poster? Wish to print a few business flyers? Regardless of the type of promotional material you need, Canva has a wide range of applications starting from infographics, advertisements, invitations, banner, collages, etc. To know more please click here.

  • Pixlr

Use sharper images to make your website more visually appealing. This tool helps to edit online images, along with letting you create PNG images that have transparency. Check it out!

  • CSS Button Generator

If you feel more comfortable working in pure CSS, apply this tool to create buttons that not only look good but load pretty fast as well. Ready for a sneak peek?


  • Pingdom

Pingdom helps to keep tabs on the website’s uptime, performance, and interactions. All tests are done with real web browsers, so the results match the end-user experience exactly. Get ready to use Pingdom.

  • Google Analytics

Generate accurate results on sites, apps, and offline channels. Understand and analyze traffic, bounce rate, customer experience, SEO strategies, marketing impact, audience targeting etc. to improve website performance. Here you go!

  • Check My Links

Links are vital for website credibility, so use this tool to check broken links and repair your website. It can also spot broken links to point out to other websites. Take a  look.

Take care of your website regularly using these tools!