Yet another month goes by, and the digital world grows by leaps and bounds. There are so many exciting things happening – digital marketing has unleashed a storm and how! Let us discuss digital marketing developments in May:

Mobile marketing

It includes everything from advertising, site development, and apps. Even though mobile platforms are huge now, more work needs to be done as retail conversion rates are significantly lower on smartphones. Marketers are looking to up the ante, by developing content, apps, etc. exclusively for mobiles.

Using Schema Markup

Who doesn’t want websites with large number of visitors? However, it is easier than done! The Schema Markup could smooth the path a bit by making your site more user-friendly, boosting ranks, and increasing traffic.

Good news for PPC campaigns

PPC campaigners have always faced with the challenge of creating content that is compelling enough to sell, but while adhering within character limits. Google might have found a way around that – they are testing extended ad texts for Adwords. If the beta version gives positive results, you can expect an upgrade that allows you to include more characters, which mean better and detailed ads.

Communities are the future

It is not about technology, but how it will be used by organizations to become more social. Omnipresent smart screens, an ever tighter mesh of networks, and the exponential growth of internet access, call for the need of innovative digital marketing strategies. Creating communities around every aspect of business will pave the way ahead.

Create alluring visuals

Content marketers and social media managers can use a suite of apps called Adobe Sparks to generate interesting and aesthetically appealing visual content that is easily shareable too.

The coming months are sure to bring several exciting news and trends in the fast-paced universe of digital marketing – watch this space for more!