Looking for a content marketing copywriter in Birmingham?

As a content marketing copywriter, you need to know when and how to market your business. Proactive Click helps you achieve that goal – we are content marketing experts, providing services in Birmingham and any other place in UK. It is not just about creating good content – your objective is accomplished when it reaches the right target audience, and that is where content marketing comes in. To put it in a nutshell, it involves creating and distributing lucrative content so you can attract and engage a previously defined target audience. Contact us and ask for a quote.


Why is content marketing important?

Good content helps to create a tightly-connected community of customers who are loyal to your brand. Once you start delivering quality content regularly, it makes your brand an authority on that particular subject, which is instrumental in building the trust of customers. This practice helps to improve SEO. For instance, if you decide to generate a blog with quality content and connect it to your brand this can have positive repercussions. Context, meaning and genuinely good, relevant writing will be indexed correctly by search engines.


How does on-page SEO influence content marketing?

On-page SEO plays an integral role when it comes to content marketing as it involves practice of optimizing individual web pages that includes both the content and HTML source code. We help you create XML sitemaps so that Google bots and crawlers can take a quick peek to understand what your website is about, and index the pages accordingly.

Other important parameters are keyword research and content creation – take a look:

Keyword Research

It is necessary to know the keywords relevant to your business that users search for, so you can incorporate those in the site content. Research is an important part of that as it helps you collate a long list of key phrases. After sorting and eliminating, a final list is assembled that is used in the content. The idea is to find words that contain higher search volume and lower competition.

Creating Content

Great writing and good SEO go hand in hand because your highly searched keywords are those that people want to know more about. Once you have zeroed in the keywords, you need to focus on creating valuable content. While using the keywords is necessary, you need to include them so that it is engaging for your targeted audience- this way your website gets better visibility and more traffic. Poor quality keyword-loaded copy on websites and blogs are a thing of the past. If you don’t have your on-page optimization fixed, there are high chances that your site won’t get proper visibility, even with the strongest link building and ethical social sharing practices.

To know how we can assist you with content marketing in Birmingham or anywhere in UK, please contact us right away.