It is tough to narrow down what you want when it comes to basic SEO services in Birmingham (and other parts of UK). You will find several SEO companies specialising in a particular area like core SEO or link building whereas other large consultancies offer end-to-end packages from developing or redesigning your website to ongoing SEO maintenance. It is best to opt for a firm like Proactive Click that offers a complete package.

While searching for basic SEO services, here are the ones you should look out for:

Keyword Research
It is a basic SEO service you can’t do without. We create your keyword portfolio – it is the first step towards developing an online marketing campaign. Various strategies are implemented to find the best keywords relevant to your business by using client and customer feedback, keyword research tools, competitor analysis, social media and so on. Onsite and offsite optimisation is conducted based on keywords.

Competitor Analysis
How can you stay a step ahead of competition without knowing what they are up to? We analyze your competitor’s SEO campaign to find out their strategies, monitor site traffic, conversions, etc. This is done so we can improve our approach and eliminate any weaknesses.

Link Building
This is also a very important basic SEO service. Search engines look for lucrative backlinks from credible, trustworthy, authoritative and relative websites and blogs that link to your site – the more quality links you have the better your chances are of appearing among the top results. It is considered as a validation for your website. We are able to find the best link building opportunities for you.

SEO Copywriting
SEO copy writing, when done correctly, is what engages people with compelling content. It should be keyword-rich and interesting at the same time. The difference between a high or low bounce rates may come down to the quality of your SEO copywriting – it should encourage more conversions.

Track Progress
Get proper visibility into the performance of all search channels, including local search, by linking Google My Business page to your website. We can also keep tabs on your progress via Google Analytics, especially the Search Console feature that is used to check indexing status and optimize visibility of websites. Analytics is also utilised to keep an eye on bounce rates, organic traffic, time spent on site, etc. Your business listings have to be optimized geographically, which requires an investment in local directories, maps and review sites, too (especially after the Pigeon update in Google).

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