Wedding websites are a must-have in the digital age as it helps to save a money, time, and effort. Every bride needs one so the wedding planning becomes seamless and less time consuming, you can focus on other important tasks. Let us find out why:

 1. Less printing costs


Just think about how much you can save if you inform loved ones about the date, venue, and other details online. No need to deal with printed invitations anymore! Websites also offer a guest book and section for RSVPs.

2. Post important updates

If there is a last-minute venue change, all you need to do is update it on the website so everyone knows about it, instead of calling, messaging, or emailing individually at the last minute. It is a quick and efficient way of informing everyone, which saves you loads of trouble as well. Include detailed directions to the venue so you don’t have to field dozens of phone calls before the wedding.

3. Access to registry information

Creating a gift registry could take up a significant amount of time, but giving guests access to it can be done in a jiffy, via your website. Thus, selecting a gift for you becomes extremely easy and hassle-free for friends and family.

4. Personalization

Want to post pictures of your love story? Wish to customize the site with a specific theme? Websites allow you to create your own “wedding bubble” by letting you choose a theme, add photos and videos, offering a chat forum for guests, displaying a countdown to the D-day etc.

5. Eco-friendly

Not only does creating a website help to save hundreds of dollars in postage and printing expenses, but it doesn’t create any waste. Go paperless and contribute towards keeping your planet healthy.

Rest assured, these websites are secure and keep all information private and confidential. Is your wedding on the horizon? Start creating your wedding website right away! Contact us.