SEO Agency in Birmingham – Why Do You Need Their Services?

Looking for an SEO agency in Birmingham? Your search ends here as Proactive Click offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing services not just in Birmingham but throughout UK. A lot of people think they don’t really need SEO, but with competition increasing at an alarming rate in every sector, it is a must to be on top of your game. Read more about SEO.


Why hire a SEO agency in Birmingham?

To put it simply an SEO company in Birmingham has one primary task – to ensure your website ranks in the top list of search engines. Whenever a user searches for products or services by entering keywords relevant to your business, it is important for your website to appear in the first few results as no one looks beyond those. Using certain SEO techniques we bring your pictures, blogs, videos, and other content in the front rows of search engines while implementing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that is focused more into the marketing strategy like advertising. That way you get more hits, and chances of more visitors becoming customers get a huge boost.

How can a SEO agency in Birmingham help you?

At Proactive Click, we make it our responsibility to ensure your website stays on top, attracts the right traffic, and conversion rates go up. Take a look at what we can do for you.


SEO Audits

We perform a comprehensive audit on your current SEO practices to find out what needs to be done and where you have gone wrong. It is our job to identify issues that can be addressed immediately. A report is created with recommendations so you can have a SEO-friendly website. For more information on SEO audits, click here.

Target Market & Traffic Analysis

It is not about how many hits you get – what matters is how many among them have actually bought your products or used services offered by your website. We analyze the target market to focus on detecting the right customers to aim for your business. It involves determining which part of the web you could best promote your products or services. Analyzing your traffic source is very important since it gives you an idea on how visitors reach your website. You can use these data in re-organizing your current strategies and capitalize on areas where you get more customers. Retargeting and remarketing is one of our fortes as well where we convert those users to customers, who have previously returned empty-handed after visiting your site. For more details, click here.

Onsite & Offsite Optimization

Onsite SEO involves optimizing title tags, headers, meta data, URLs, codes, and website content. We remove duplicate and redundant content, while placing keywords properly. Offsite SEO is about promoting blogs, pictures, videos, and other content on various platforms. Building backlinks to your website is a very important part of offsite SEO as the more inbound links your site gets, the better are the possibilities of getting good search engine rankings. Find out more about how we conduct backlink analysis here.

These are not the only services we offer. Every business is different so the services vary accordingly. If you have a website, then getting an SEO Agency in Birmingham to take care of it gives you great advantage when it comes to the market. For any query related to our services, please get in touch with us via phone or email.