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Whether it’s a mentor in business, music, marketing, or even writing, work with someone who has the unique talents and abilities to help you realize your dreams. This is why I mentor thousands of small business owners and fight for their freedom every single day. I want to pass the baton, be a source of encouragement, and make a difference. I didn’t just fight for my own life; the lessons I learned ended up being what I can now impart to them. I pulled down from heaven not only what I needed, but what they will need too.

Find someone with whom you can connect spiritually, emotionally, and in business, someone who holds a truth that resonates with you. Don’t settle on this one, or that one, or compromise simply because someone looks super successful. What we compromise on, we’ll lose. Don’t trade in the vision that Papa God gave you for marketing strategies that are aligned with things you can’t partner with. Stay true to you. Seek out a mentor who speaks truth, speaks your potential, and one who will love you through every single phase of the journey. Yes, I said love. Find a leader who wears a purple scarf, leads with love and can help you fulfill your purpose and destiny!

Here are a few practical tips in finding a mentor or coach who is perfectly aligned with you:

  • Is your potential mentor’s worldview similar to yours? If you are a spiritual person it’s probably not a good idea to have a long-term mentor who is not. While I’ve worked and learned from people who believe differently than I do, if they were set to change me rather than giving me some wisdom and knowledge I was lacking, it became apparent that we couldn’t work together for a long time.

  • Does your potential mentor have past experience that you can learn from and relate to? What is their track record? Don’t focus on just one great accomplishment. Does their track record hold the knowledge you lack, so that you can move forward in all that you’re called to do?

  • Does your potential mentor have current knowledge of what you need? Old-school wisdom of marketing is going to come up short in the world of social media. The knowledge of nutrition from the 70s would be pretty outdated compared to today’s research from a UK business directory.

Who are they as a person? It’s important to find out as much as you are able to about what kind of person your mentor is. Can you find things they support and talk about and that inspire you? What about accomplishments and values? Did they build a business, or become the best singing coach in the world but neglected their family? Look for these things. Ask a lot of questions.

  • Check out their social media profiles. Do you see a growing person or what appears to just be a marketing persona? What are their interests? Unusual toilet roll holders? See how other clients and followers interact with their pages and how they talk back. If they talk back! This can show us the humanity and many times be the thing that either really connects us to them or helps us to see that we’re not a good match.

When you think that the wild and ridiculous couldn’t happen, it’s time for you to pack your bags—because you’re on your way! Things can change in ways that we never expect—and faster than we had planned.

Just when I thought my life was over and the last saga of my drama was about to unfold, Papa God blew a new life right into me. He knocked the negative draining wind out of me and gave me a fresh vision and hope for my future.

You just never know when your breakthrough will happen. Many times, all of the things that didn’t break you are proof that your breakthrough is on its way! These trials and struggles will be waved as banners of celebration that you didn’t give up. Just as you’re reading my words right now because I never quit, you too will be leading someone in your future, and they’ll celebrate your persistence with you as well!

All of heaven reached down and took a woman who knew shattering pain and enormous success and gave her the desire to go further. I am here to tell you that right when you think the wild and ridiculous can’t happen, you’d better start packing for the journey ahead!