You are entitled to every bit of love, as defined by your higher power and belief system. Using my belief system as a guide, my entitlement to love is fair treatment as a human, not just as a man. As a man, you have a separate set of pressures and expectations that will be a cross to bear and a beast of a burden; this goes without question. Not all men will face the same situations or have the same feelings, but I would bet my last dollar that if you put a group of men in a room together and give them time to talk, the group of men will be more alike than not. In this line of thought, I ask you to view entitlement to love. Does the act of storytelling in business really add value?

There are differences between people's opinions and perspectives, but at no point does a person ultimately not want to be loved for who they are and what they are. Naturally, there will be aspects of you as a person that you may not like about yourself, but that does not mean that as a person, you're not worthy of love. There were times in my life that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to take my own life at 10. I was in a bad place mentally and was experiencing so much abuse and trauma I didn’t know what to do. I am so grateful that there was always a voice telling me that it’ll get better and that I deserve more. I write this for you today saying that those feelings come, but they have to go. You’re entitled to life once you are given one. As a man, you're entitled to the very elements that make love what it is (respect, forgiveness, compassion, and humility). Does powerpoint training really work?

You are entitled to respect as a person. A person who bleeds, breathes, eats, sleeps, and is created through the same means as any other person. Being a man does not change this in any way. Respect is not a street credential. It isn’t your bank account. It isn’t how many lovers you’ve had. It is something that comes organically through a mutual understanding of similarities and differences between beings. The more we distort what respect is, the harder it will be to feel worthy or entitled to it. You are entitled to the opportunity of respect from both others and yourself. And in turn, this is the same respect others are entitled to from you. Studies have shown that storytelling for business really works.

Forgiveness is a profound concept. It may seem simple saying that you forgive someone or even yourself, but until you do forgive from the love that is within your belief system, it will fall short of true forgiveness. You are not perfect, nor is anyone. A crime is a crime; sin is sin; blood is blood. I am not saying that everyone will be immediately forgiven, including you and I. But forgiveness is essential to love, and without it, there will be a gap in your balance. Would powerpoint course help your organisation?

I get it, you've been; wronged, cheated, assaulted, abused, taken advantage of, lied to, and quite possibly you have done the same to others. But how long can you hold onto the pain? How long must you take away from the beauty of life and what love has to offer with this deep negative load? Drop the baggage. Take accountability for your past transgressions and move forward. Don’t allow others to tear you further from yourself. You are entitled to forgiveness. Start with yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself for who you are, not what you're perceived to be. Explore your belief system; this is the forgiveness that others are entitled to from you.

Being compassionate is one of the invisible links between people. We can watch the news at any given time and hear of an incident in the world that makes you feel a sense of sadness for someone. We listen to stories often in a variety of mediums (i.e., social media, the news, newspapers, or magazines) that rock us to our core. Ask yourself how often when you hear of these stories, you compare them to your own life and dismiss them or how often you listen to them, and you feel compassion for those involved. You are entitled to this feeling from yourself. I am referring to people being able to love a person for the sake of wanting to and being able to. When we turn away others' compassion, we can quickly build walls around ourselves and, in time, will feel isolated. I have always been known as someone people can depend on and in turn, I stayed secretive and mysterious. Why? Because I didn’t feel compassion for myself so why would I turn to another person? No more! I changed this by drastically looking inside myself and exploring my insecurity about not being secure. The ‘tough guy’ act was done. A life without compassion is a life that is constant judgment, pressure, and scrutiny. How far do you believe you'll go without the affection of others? Compassion plays an integral role in our lives and is a bonding agent. It is not a form of weakness but the most definite form of solidarity.